Total Population: 71,513

Total Caucasian Population: 92.7%

Total African American Population: 1.9%

Total Other Population: 5.4%

Total Population 18 and Over: 76.1%

Total Population 65 and Over: 17.6%

Courthouse: Fort Payne

Median Household Income: $41,440

Per Capita Income: $21,907

High School Graduate: 74.8%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 13%

Recent Verdicts

Products Liability – September 15, 2005 Pierce v. Illinois Tool Works, Inc. Plaintiff construction worker sued manufacturer of nail gun for injuries, including loss of vision, suffered when nail gun fired a second nail into his eye after plaintiff had shot first nail into the underside of a piece of wood. VERDICT — $2,000,000 for Plaintiff.