Total Population: 9,726

Total Caucasian Population: 26%

Total African American Population: 72.4%

Total Other Population: 1.6%

Total Population 18 and Over: 78%

Total Population 65 and Over: 19.8%

Courthouse: Hayneville

Median Household Income: $30,036

Per Capita Income: $20,209

High School Graduate: 78.3%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 14.7%

Recent Verdicts

Insurance/Employee Coverage – July 22, 2005 Hooks, et. al. v. Jinright-Turner Insurance & Bonds, Inc. et. al. Plaintiff and individual Defendant jointly owned and operated a convenience store. Plaintiff ran the store and Defendant’s responsibilities included procuring adequate insurance for the business. Plaintiff alleged he specifically requested insurance be obtained covering injury to an employee of the business. Defendant worked for an insurance broker and suggested he obtain the insurance there. Plaintiff agreed. A year and a half later, an employee of the store was shot and killed by third parties. The decedent’s estate sued Plaintiff. Defendants contended Plaintiff did not have coverage for this event and was not entitled to a defense. JUDGMENT — For the Defendants on summary judgment. The court found Plaintiff’s claims were barred by contributory negligence.