Total Population: 372,909

Total Caucasian Population: 68.9%

Total African American Population: 24.9%

Total Other Population: 6.2%

Total Population 18 and Over: 78.4%

Total Population 65 and Over: 15.3%

Courthouse: Huntsville

Median Household Income: $65,449

Per Capita Income: $36,620

High School Graduate: 91.7%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 42.8%

Recent Verdicts

Stabbing -August 12, 2005 Ludwig v. Ingram, et. al Plaintiff and friends were guests at Defendants’ karaoke club. Defendant Ingram began fighting with plaintiff’s friend. Plaintiff attempted to separate them. Ingram then allegedly stabbed plaintiff in the chest. Plaintiff lost all vital signs on two occasions, requiring resuscitation. His injuries required surgery and he suffered permanent injuries. VERDICT — $675,000 for Plaintiff (summary judgment).

Motor Vehicle Accident – May 19, 2006 Stevens v. Birdsong, et al. Plaintiff bicyclist injured when hit by car. VERDICT — $ 380,000 for Plaintiff.

Motor Vehicle Accident – December 5. 2005 Baker v. Brown Plaintiff rear-ended causing cervical injury resulting in fusion surgery. VERDICT – $250,000 for Plaintiff.

Premises Liability/Slip & Fall – April 13, 2006 Kidd v. Parkway Place Mall Early morning mall walker broke her wrist when she fell on floor at mall which opened early for mall walkers and had carpets cleaned the night before causing wet condition. VERDICT — $21,379 for Plaintiff.

Premises Liability – November 30, 2005 Seymour v. Quail Pointe Apartments Plaintiff fell down apartment complex staircase with broken handrail. VERDICT — $25,000 for Plaintiff.