Total Population: 413,210

Total Caucasian Population: 59%

Total African American Population: 36.2%

Total Other Population: 4.8%

Total Population 18 and Over: 76.7%

Total Population 65 and Over: 16.6%

Courthouse: Mobile

Median Household Income: $47,583

Per Capita Income: $25,861

High School Graduate: 86.5%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 23.2%

Recent Verdicts

Dram Shop – November 8, 2006 Stokley v. Sammy’s of Mobile Decedent’s parents filed suit against strip club that served a drunken customer who killed a sixteen-year old while driving home from the club. VERDICT — $2,788,902 for Plaintiffs.

Medical Malpractice – February 17, 2006 Estate of Larrimore v. Springhill Memorial Hospital Decedent received drug at ER for treatment of gout which interacted with other medications causing his death. VERDICT — $4,000,000 for Plaintiff Estate.

Medical Malpractice – February 17, 2006 Williamson v. Yearwood, et al. Plaintiff sued doctor for altering his notes to conceal that a catheter tip broke and stuck in Plaintiff’s lumbar disc during procedure. VERDICT — $750,000 for Plaintiff.

Motor Vehicle Accident – November 16, 2005 Jackson v. Long Plaintiff passenger injured when struck by teenager making an illegal turn. VERDICT — $150,000 for Plaintiff.

Premises Liability/Slip & Fall – March 23, 2006 Smith v. Lonestar Steak & Saloon Plaintiff injured back after falling on slick tile floor in restaurant. VERDICT — $175,500 for Plaintiff.

Products Liability – September 29, 2005 Nall v. Altec Industries, Inc. Plaintiff sued manufacturer when he suffered ruptured spleen after the aerial lift he was in collapsed and fell to the ground. VERDICT — $3,500,000 for the Plaintiff.