Total Population: 226,486

Total Caucasian Population: 35.5%

Total African American Population: 59.3%

Total Other Population: 5.2%

Total Population 18 and Over: 76.6%

Total Population 65 and Over: 15.6%

Courthouse: Montgomery

Median Household Income: $50,124

Per Capita Income: $29,071

High School Graduate: 86.7%

Bachelor Degree or Higher: 33.4%

Recent Verdicts

Motor Vehicle Accident – March 17, 2006 Smith v. Jimmy Day Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Plaintiff motorcyclist injured when he collided with a Jimmy Day truck driven by a Jimmy Day employee who failed to stop at a stop sign. Plaintiff sued Jimmy Day Plumbing and employee driver as well as company involved in construction of the road, Central Contracting. VERDICT — $1,375,000 for Plaintiff (Central Contracting settled for $125,000).

Negligence – May 5, 2006 Silva, et al. v. Pemberton Construction, et al. An improperly erected scaffold upon which the Plaintiffs were working collapsed, killing one and seriously injuring the other. VERDICT — $3,684,000 for the Plaintiffs, $3,200,000 to the Estate of the Plaintiff Decedent, and $484,000 to the living Plaintiff.

Premises Liability – January 13, 2006 Collins, et al. v. JacksonHospital and Clinic Plaintiff claimed injuries resulting from table flipping onto them after they sat down on the bench attached to the table. The table was not secured to the ground. The Defendant Hospital disputed causation. VERDICT — For the Defendant.